2015 By The Numbers

By Susan Schilke; January 5, 2015

It’s a new year, with new opportunities for your continued development as a leader.  TeamStrength.com is here to help.  We’ve mined the internet for resources to help you achieve your top goals.

Aiming to be more productive in 2015? Check out the ‘10 Steps toward a better, more productive you in 2015’ from fastcompany.com.  One of my favorites is #4 – Make a start and stop list.  Don’t just focus on things you’d like to add to be more effective.  Take time to look for what’s getting in your way and eliminate the things that aren’t working.

Improving fitness a goal this year?  Review the five new fitness trends from health.com, and select one to be part of your 2015 plan.

Planning to read more this year?  Businessinsider.com has compiled a list of the top 15 books being released in 2015 on leadership, wealth, creativity and character.  Select a few that appeal to you.  I’ll be sharing insights from some as I read my way through many of these books this year.

Looking to improve your company’s training in 2015?  Check out Google’s four key strategies for employee development from learnernation.com.  And as an added bonus, we’ve included ‘Google’s Rules’ – the 8 Good Behaviors and 3 Pitfalls of Managers.  It’s an ideal template for management training.

Finally, hoping to make your life a bit easier or better this year through technology?  You’ve got to read our list of 20 of the best apps to help you from popularmechanics.com.  You’ll find ways to improve your travel, enhance your communication, indulge your creativity, connect with friends, manage your money, and increase your enjoyment.

And as you’re doing your personal annual planning, I have a question for you (and I’m asking all my TeamStrength members this question in our meetings) – What’s the biggest thing you’d like to be different at the end of the year that is almost entirely within your control?

Think about that and select a target – personal or professional.  Something you would like to change and have the ability to do within your power.  You have all year – make it happen!

We’ll be here to help!