Employee Life Cycle Worksheet from TeamStrength Leadership Workshop 2014

Jim Knight’s Worksheet from the 2014 TeamStrength Leadership Workshop.
The following introduction written by Jim:

Hi, gang…

It was such a thrill to spend time with you at this year’s TeamStrength event, where we all helped each other create “Strategies that Rocks.”

As part of the follow up “homework” to keep the discussions going at your specific business, remember that we handed out a multi-page handout for you to discover & discuss the various areas in the Employee Life Cycle. We had time at the end of the day to at least rate your own personal rating in each area, but there was still some work needed.

You can pull out your worksheet from the session or use the attached clean copy to start again, but feel free to do the following:

  • Your Personal Rating – using the 1 through 5 rating scale listed on the worksheet, assign the specific number you feel is the best assessment in each area of the Employee Life Cycle and place that in the appropriate column/box
  • Team Average Rating – determine the average score from the group (by adding the number rating together and dividing by the number of people on the team completing the worksheets) and place that in the appropriate column/box
  • Your Boss/CEO – this will already be identified by the team leader/President/CEO of your business on his/her sheet. Transfer the leader’s rating number into the appropriate column/box
  • Specific Initiatives – take the time to review each area in the Employee Life Cycle and list out ideas in the area titled “Specific Initiatives to Amp Up this Area”.

Group Activity – Step 1
Identify the differences in number ratings between the overall team average and the leader in each area and discuss why there may be a disparity or alignment

Group Activity – Step 2
Discuss each section of the Employee Life Cycle – share ideas listed and determine possibilities to implement new initiatives or improve upon the current processes

Jim’s Handout – PDF Link

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