A Summer to Remember

Newlyweds Shane and Michelle McGuiness lead a post-wedding parade in New Orleans.

By Susan Schilke; July 1, 2016

John Medina, author of Brain Rules, explains we are much more likely to remember things associated with strong emotion.  So it seems likely that I will remember the summer of 2016 which has already offered a wide range of emotionally charged moments.  I’ve watched my city deal with unimaginable senseless slaughter and tragedy, followed by an overwhelming outpouring as our community comes together.  I’ve helped friends celebrate new beginnings, and mourn the painful loss of a husband and father taken too soon.  In between these major events, I’ve communed with gentle sea creatures, lunched with an Olympian, and started a new TeamStrength CEO Forum.

And summer’s not even halfway done yet.

This month, our leadership resources revisit some of the top features on our site this year to help make your summer more productive in addition to memorable.

Here’s a suggested to-do list:

  • Select a team-building activity and plan an event for later summer or fall – our list of locations could provide an option or inspiration for your own ideas.
  • Review the power questions and connect personally to those you work with – the stronger relationships lead to higher levels of engagement and productivity.
  • Watch and share our latest fast-paced and enjoyable TEDx talk to learn more about original thinkers and practices that can help you and your team members be more creative.
  • Take some time to collaborate using these 11 leadership practices. The enhanced original thinking, team-building and personal connections will make this even more impactful!
  • Finally, review the 6 tips for better work-life balance with your team. I shared this in all of our TeamStrength CEO and Executive Forum meetings in June and asked them to identify the one they most needed to use in their own pursuit of balance.  The most common response was #2 – unplug.  The article advises against texts and emails about work during your personal time – make quality time true quality time.
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Photo courtesy of Charlie Triozzi

I’ve been saddened by some recent events.  But I’ve also been inspired, and some of the images I’ll carry with me will be a rainbow over Lake Eola and the tens of thousands of people gathered in love; marching with newlyweds and a brass band through the streets of New Orleans; wading in the gulf with a manatee mother and calf stopping by for a mutually curious interlude; the circling of friends around a family shocked by loss; and the self-deprecating stories of an Olympic champion.

I wish you a memorable, productive and enjoyable summer.