Activities to Encourage Fitness Among Your Employees

Healthy Places activities consider the physical, policy, and cultural environments within the workplace, to create environments that support healthy lifestyle behaviors. Activities are the day-to-day actions that sit under each strategy within your workplace wellness programs.

Fitness Activities:download (1)

  • Offer on-site classes during lunchtime such as Pilates, meditation or healthy cooking
  • Hold a walking challenge like 10,000 Steps Workplace Challenge (
  • Introduce walking groups, see Heart Foundation (
  • Set up an information station with public transport, walking and cycle path info and maps
  • Remind employees through emails/screensavers/posters to get out of their chairs & stretch
  • Hold work events in active places (e.g. parks and bowling clubs)
  • Establish a walk/cycle to work day, week or month
  • Organize an employee corporate rate with local health and fitness services
  • Sponsor fun-run entry fees or corporate games teams
  • Hold information sessions on defensive cycling
  • Set up a basketball hoop or table tennis for employee use during breaks
  • Make the stairwells attractive & put up motivational posters to promote stairs to employees
  • Provide wireless telephone headsets so employees can move around while on the telephone
  • Seek management commitment to offer ‘flexitime’ to participate in physical activity
  • Encourage staff to have face-to-face conversation rather than sending emails

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