Drive by Daniel Pink

The surprising truth about what motivates us.

Presented by: Susan R. Schilke

Seven Reasons Carrots & Sticks Don’t Work (sometimes)

  • Extinguish intrinsic motivation and diminish performance
  • Crush creativity
  • Crowd out good behavior
  • Encourage cheating & unethical behavior
  • Can become addictive (entitled)
  • Can foster short-term thinking


Studies show autonomy promotes:
Better grades
Enhanced persistence at school and in sports
Higher productivity, less burnout
Greater levels of psychological well-being

Businesses that offer autonomy grew 4 x the rate of control-oriented firms and had 1/3 the turnover
Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) – Gap, Best Buy, Meddius

Four T’s of Autonomy

  • Autonomy over task
  • Autonomy over time
  • Autonomy over technique
  • Autonomy over team


  • Engaged when in an autotelic experience
    • Better word for it is ‘flow’
  • Goals are clear, feedback is immediate
  • Challenging, but not impossible
  • Goldilocks tasks and Sawyer effect
  • In flow – you are engaged and focused – time and place melt away
  • We get in flow in pursuit of mastery

Three Laws of Mastery

  • Mastery is a mindset – entity theory versus incremental theory
  • Mastery is a pain – requires a lot of effort
  • Mastery is asymptote – you can only get close, never there


  • We are naturally purpose seekers
  • Gen Y, millennials – redefining success – not about money
  • Want to make the world better
  • Companies that do both
    • TOMS: makes shoes, for every pair you buy, they give one to a child in a developing country
  • The MBA Oath (Harvard)

Individual Strategies

  • Ask a big question: What’s my sentence?to-dont-list
  • Ask the small question: Was I a little better today than yesterday?
  • Go oblique to get unstuck
  • To don’t lists
  • Write it down: What gets you up in the morning? What keeps you up at night?
  • Create your own motivational poster

Organizational Strategies

  • Non-commissioned time – FedEx days, 20 percent time
  • Give ‘now that’ rewards
  • Managers – involve people in goals; use noncontrolling language; hold office hours
  • Ask about purpose/listen for pronouns
  • Compensation – fair, above average, wide-ranging, relevant, hard to game


  • The best use of money as a motivator is to pay enough to make it a non-issue
  • Tap into the deep-seated desire to direct our own lives, extend and expand our abilities, and make a contribution
  • Strengths aligns with and supports autonomy and mastery – best flow in your top talents