Five-Year Goals

Due to today’s rapid pace of change, most companies don’t take the time to create detailed five-year plans. Companies define their strategies from long-term goals created their CEO’s. Teamstrength members sometimes use this 5 Year Goals template to spur their thinking and work with their team to create BHAGS for their organization.

Check out the PDF Here to gain some insights and think about your own long term goals.

Revenue & Profit Target

Year-by-year growth (comparison to historical growth rate)

Breakdown of revenue at target

By locations
By market segments
By key customers

Key business strategies

Anticipated market trends and changes
Evaluation of new markets
New product development
Key elements of sales and marketing plan
Competitive impact and opportunities

Structural changes


Increase in employees
Additional managers and executives
Organizational chart of the future
Key people strategies – hiring, retaining, development


Additional or larger location
Key factors


Major additional equipment needs
Hardware/software opportunities to impact productivity
Internet strategy


Key changes in CEO role
Other key leadership needs
Succession planning

Discussion points/questions

Are goals aggressive enough? Over the top?
What are the 3-4 critical hurdles to reaching the five year goal?
What’s the biggest shift in thinking or behavior that needs to be made?