Get into the Groove

By Susan Schilke; September 1, 2016

I love September!  The years of programming from our youth have left us with an innate sense of returning to focus this month.  Vacations start to wind down, and there is a renewed engagement in the post-Labor Day days.

At TeamStrength, we feel the energy and present some resources that let you tap into the opportunities.

We know recruiting is a critical focus for many of our member companies to support growth and turnover.  And we also know how critical – and challenging – it can be to make right-fit hires.  Check out our feature to learn ‘7 Interview Questions that Determine Emotional Intelligence.’  These can help augment your interviewing to identify mature candidates who will be a good cultural fit.

emotional-intelligenceAs your team gathers to generate new ideas to improve the organization, check out ways you can be ‘Using Neuroscience to Boost Your Creativity,’ and tap into the best thinking from everyone.

Now is a good time to address issues that get in the way of productivity and team effectiveness – and often these issues are the most difficult to address.  Review our summary of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. This book presents a clear framework for how to approach the most sensitive of discussions – the ones you often put off.

We’re also featuring three short videos for you and your team this month.  For those of you who travel often, learn ‘3 Ways to Make Your Flights More Productive.’  Add some interesting discussion to your leadership and management meetings with ‘How Great Leaders Use Psychology to Understand Their Team,’ and ‘5 Traits that Make a Good Business Leader.

Finally, we feature an infographic on one of the most-recommended book from our Leadership Workshop.  Check out the overview of The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom These four simple rules can help inspire higher levels of happiness and personal peace. And for CEOs considering mergers or acquisitions, learn why you ‘Don’t Even Think About M&A Until You’ve Mastered These 5 Practices.

Find the best team, boost their creativity, have the tough but crucial conversations, increase leadership and productivity and grow personally – courtesy of TeamStrength.  As always, your suggestions and feedback have shaped our resources this month.  We thank you and wish you a productive ‘back to school’ season!