How to Write a Job Ad that Excites Candidates

We shared an article about how critical retention will be this year in a tight labor market.  And we know many TeamStrength members have a focus on recruiting to support growth.  We found some creative suggestions on how to drive the best people to apply in ‘How to Write a Job Ad that Excites Candidates’ from copywriter Eddie Shleyner’s hubspot blog.  There are creative suggestions like tapping into emotions and crafting potent messages with strong verbs and connecting applicants to the importance and impact of their work.  And some more practical ideas like being clear and concise on your requirements, and using recognizable titles (though you’re free to add a few adjectives).  This article is a detailed, how-to for crafting the best ads, all the way through to a full-page example.  Use this to increase the quality and quantity of applicants on your critical openings.