Inspiration from March Madness

By Sam Parker; March 2015

Six games. 171 missed shots. 60 turnovers.

98 personal fouls. 16 shots blocked. 27 balls stolen.

And they went 6-0.

Those are the stats of the 2014 men’s college basketball champions (University of Connecticut) throughout the NCAA tournament. I’m guessing we can expect something similar this year.

What inspires me most about college basketball is…

The focus of the players.

With thousands of people watching them … talking, yelling, waving things in the air … pep bands playing and cheerleaders cheering (for and against them) … knowing their work is being watched, recorded, and judged at all moments by fans, scouts, reporters, and coaches … with all of it, they’re able to work.

I want that focus. (Don’t you?)

The resilience of the players.

There aren’t two minutes that go by without at least one mistake by someone (for all to see) … a missed shot, a foul, a turnover. But there’s no time for excuses, drama, or complaints because the game goes on … many times instantly. And the person who makes the mistake knows hesitating for even a split second on getting back in the game will cost everyone. So they get back to work … immediately.

I want that resilience. (Don’t you?)

The mutual support between players.

I love when the players huddle up on the court at key moments (like this picture I caught during a regular-season VCU game here in Richmond). I especially like it when they do it after a missed free throw before the second attempt. I assume they say supportive things to the shooter rather than telling him he’d better get it right this time. I’m also inspired by those enthusiastic players who encourage their teammates from the sideline … and those caring coaches you see and read about.

I want to be a part of those huddles.

(Don’t you?)

And one more inspiring thing…

All of this is from people who’ve been on this planet for less than 25 years.

Imagine if each of us could do the same in our daily work.

(And know that you can.)

Thousands of opportunities to be inspired during the Madness of March. Enjoy!

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