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May 30, 2022

The Pursuit of the Excellence, conclusion

In Part III, Ryan Hawk wraps up The Pursuit of Excellence by reminding us that excellence is a lifelong commitment…

May 30, 2022

Is Your Company’s Culture Effective?

From Laura Gallaher; August 23, 2021 As the CEO, you know culture matters. And in the last few years, you…

May 2, 2022

Top Resources from Dick Finnegan, the Turnover Expert

From C-Suite Analytics Dick Finnegan is the turnover expert, author & creator of the stay interview and CEO of C-Suite…

Monthly Blog: The Surprising Advice Members Share to Build Your Team

By Susan Schilke; June 1, 2022

TeamStrength members deeply value their team, and finding, hiring and retaining the best has always been a key focus. Lately even more so. In our workshop this summer, we’re excited to feature the retention expert Dick Finnegan to learn more about keeping great team members for the long term.

And as I reflect on 30 years of amazing advice and insights, I realize one of the most repeated pieces of feedback members have offered over the years is just the opposite. Sometimes, the best way to build a strong team, members share, is to remove the players who don’t fit.

Read Susan's full blog on some of the number one pieces of feedback shared over the years at TeamStrength meetings.