Say No to Emails After Hours

In a consistently connected world, it gets harder and harder to separate the professional from the personal. When employees stay eternally connected to the work, they run the risk of burn-out, extra stress, and lower productivity. In an article about Shonda Rhimes and her book, The Year of Yes, John Baldoni explores her no work emails after 7 PM policy and how it’s changed her life. Shonda describes the difficulty of being a boss and mom and how this policy changed her life, at home and work. Rhimes choose to use her most valuable resource, her time, in a more effective way through delegation and trust. Check out her thoughts, here.

Scott Jordan with, also had an opinion on after-hours emailing. He reminds us that smartphones and personal computers were meant to make our lives simpler, not over-complicated. Jordan talks about the benefits of no after-hours emails within his own company and lists resourceful ways to implement this at your own business. Check out his list, here, and pick one to get your company on the same page, headed towards more productivity and less stress.