Featured Best Practice from Bob Gibson, CMO at ABC

Bob’s best practice shared a form to spur thinking on best managing initiatives at your company –
Start – Stop – Continue – Change.

startSTART –
What should we put in place to improve?

  • What would add benefit?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • What new experience would help?

stopSTOP – What are we doing that isn’t working?

  • What wastes time?
  • What brings no value to me, the department or the company?
  • What makes me unhappy?

continueCONTINUE – What is working well?

  • What experiences have we learned from?
  • What is providing benefit to us and the company?
  • What tasks and skills are working the best?

changeCHANGE – What are we doing well that we can change to make better?

  • What has experience taught us that we can use to make changes?
  • What processes can we make better with a tweak or update?
  • What can we learn from others to improve?

 Think about:

  • What will the change bring to me and my team?abc marketing
  • How much benefit will this action bring to my team and company?
  • How will I include my team in the action and decision-making?
  • How quickly can we act realistically?
  • What resources are needed for action? What resources are freed by Stops?
  • How difficult are the changes to accomplish?
  • Who needs to be involved in any action?
  • Is there anyone who needs to agree to this action before its implemented?
  • Will we be happy/ satisfied with the process and changes?

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