TeamStrength 2016: A Year to Wrap-Up

By Susan Schilke; December 5, 2016

At TeamStrength, we hope you’ve all had a happy, productive, successful 2016.  And we hope the resources we’ve developed, uncovered and shared have played a role in your ongoing growth as a leader.

To wrap up the year, we want to remind you of some of the most valuable offerings:

  1. Beginning in the fall of 2015, we started a series on one of the best collections we’ve seen on productivity tips. We broke up the list and finished in March with all 50 ideas.  Revisit these 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better and More Easily as you begin your 2017 planning!
  2. In our monthly TeamStrength meetings, it’s all about collaboration. We’ve learned how collaborating increases the quality of decisions from 24 years of practice.  Earlier this year, we shared 11 Practices of Collaborative Leaders with ideas to tap into the superpower that is collaboration.
  3. If your 2017 goals include seeing a different number when you step on the scale, revisit our article on Why You Shouldn’t Exercise for Weight Loss. Exercise has undeniable health (and mental health) benefits, but if weight loss is your focus, modifying your food is the path you most need to follow.
  4. We were delighted to feature Rowdy Gaines, Olympic gold medalist and NBC broadcaster, as our keynote speaker this summer. We got to see Rowdy right before he headed to Rio and treated us to his enthusiastic commentary on the exciting Olympic finals.  Rowdy’s focus on 5 Traits for Success can help us all achieve our championship goals.
  5. TEDx continues to bring amazing speakers, and one of our (and your) favorites was The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers. Watch it again and remember that procrastination can actual make you more creative!
  6. Recruiting continues to be an issue as the labor market tightens and your companies grow. Revisit Hiring in the Digital Age for fantastic ideas on integrating social media and the internet into your recruiting efforts.
  7. Millennials are changing our work places, and The Death of the 9-5 addressed some of the strategies for staying relevant to this demographic. Offering continuing development and a flexible structure are key to engaging and retaining millennials.
  8. For those of you struggling with balance, we brought a great reminder of some of the ways to maintain sanity while bringing your best to your career in 6 Tips for Work-Life Balance. These are great strategies to check out again!
  9. Back to recruiting, making right-fit hires is what it’s all about. We presented one of our best lists of potential interview questions with 7 Interview Questions that Determine Emotional Intelligence.  Reread this article and incorporate one or more of these into your interview process for more effective hiring.
  10. Finally, Celeste Headlee brought us 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation, a TEDx talk about the best ways to connect through conversation. These tips will help you connect to your peers, team members, friends and loved ones.  Watch it again for some fantastic reminders.

We’ve helped you be more productive, more collaborative, more creative and more balanced.  We’ve helped you hire and retain people, lose weight, and have better conversations.  To wrap up 2016, we’ll even help you fall in love!  Check out the 36 Questions to Fall in Love and get to know someone you care about more deeply!

Thank you, all, for letting TeamStrength play a role in your ongoing development and success.  We look forward to an amazing 2017!