The Best Online Collaboration Software of 2018

Enhance your company with collaboration tools to create efficiencies with projects, teamwork, communication and more. PC Magazine released their top picks for 2018, designed by software function. What could your team add?

For the full list of applications, see the links below or view our PDF Link.

PC Mag’s Top Choices: 

Best Multipurpose Apps: Podio & Asana

Best for Project and Resource Management: LiquidPlanner & Zoho Projects

Best for Task and Workflow Management: Asana & Airtable

Best for Team Messaging: Slack & Glip

Main Takeaway: Throwing a new tool at a bunch of people and telling them to use it instead of email doesn’t work. To start using a collaboration tool successfully, all the key players on the team need to buy into it. It has to become part of the culture. When you’re up and running with a collaboration app that fits your needs and everything starts clicking, you may be amazed at how much more productive and organized your team has become.,2817,2489110,00.asp