Why Retention will be the Biggest Talent Challenge of 2017

You’re already focused on recruiting, but make sure you address the biggest talent challenge for 2017.  According to Lars Schmidt in this timely Forbes article, the real key to a better business culture is retention.  With the nation’s jobless rate the lowest since 2007, companies have a strong focus on attracting and hiring the best.  But, now more than ever, they need an equal focus on developing and retaining their current stars.  In a LinkedIn report, only 32% of leaders view retention as a top priority over the next 12 months.  Over-emphasizing hiring and under-emphasizing onboarding and development leads to retention issues, and an endless recruiting loop.

This article is full of creative suggestions like how to create opportunities for a career lattice versus the traditional career ladder concept.  The old model creates limited opportunities for senior positions – a negative for up and coming talent.  The lattice allows you to develop strong players into new roles – particularly attractive to younger team members who are still exploring their options.

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