Year-End Target Practice

By Susan Schilke; December 1, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, our thoughts turn to 2016 and the future.  Amid celebrations and the final push for a successful wrap to the year for our businesses, we begin mapping out our plans and goals for next year.  I’d like to take a few minutes to remind you of some of the strategies to effectively Take Aim!

The most successful people I know – TeamStrength members – regularly:

Take Time to Aim – remember to set aside time to plan.  If you don’t carvedecember4 out specific time for this, you’ll be swept along in the day-to-day demands, and risk falling short;

and Aim at the Right Targets – this is probably the most critical consideration as you set your sights on 2016.

In the TeamStrength Leadership Workshop 2014, I gave you a new way to look at your life with a take-off on Maslow’s Hierarchy.

As you look at your personal goals for 2016, consider options in each of these areas. The Leader’s Hierarchy reminds us to begin with a focus on our personal happiness.  Leaders in Positive psychology and the science of optimism have proven that we all do everything better when we’re positive.  We need to take care of ourselves – with a focus on eating right, fitness, rest and renewal.  This creates the platform we need to pursue career advancement, plan our financial futures, build our relationships, help our community and achieve our higher goals.

As you’re taking time to aim, and selecting the right targets to aim for in 2016, take some time to use the Aim Prioritization Method.  This variation on the Hoshin Success Compass (thank you, Matthew Cross) has you identify your top five goals, then select the 1-2 to focus on first as a pathway to achieving more.

The steps of the process are outlined for you – you’ll just need your own post-it notes!  We’ll be using this process in our TeamStrength meetings in December to help members identify their #1 targets for 2016.

As you continue your planning, be sure to Aim at Targets you can Hit.  Start with smaller goals to reach your long-term targets – think micro-resolutions or baby steps!  Aiming at a target that’s too far from where you are now can set you up for failure.  And Aim at Behavior by considering specific actions you need to Add, Increase or Minimize. 

Finally, be sure to track and measure your progress on key goals; use pictures, notes or an app to stay motivated; enlist your friends, coworkers and family to help; and be sure to plan how you’ll celebrate your accomplishments.

Use the Aim! Worksheet to map it all out.

TeamStrength members are living proof of the value of planning.  So set aside some time on your busy December calendar to take time to aim, select the right targets, and put a full plan in place using these strategies.  We offer our best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season, and look forward to being part of your continued success in 2016!

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