Aim! Prioritization

By Susan Schilke

Begin by determining your top five personal goals for 2016. Write one goal on a post-it to visualize your success. Make sure you only start with ‘I have’ or ‘I am.’ This way you write your goal as if you’re there and follow with a brief specific example of how you will achieve it.

december15Put a box in the upper left and upper right corners of the post-it. Put a line across the bottom and divide it into five spaces. Arrange your five goals in front of you from most important to least important, so they are left to right in a row. Write the numbers 1-5 in the upper right box based on this ranking. Your number 1 post-it is the most important, number 2 is next, etc.

Take your number 5 post-it and place it under number 4 and compare the two goals… Which of the two goals would put you in a better position to accomplish the other goal? Which one of the two would make the other more likely? Place the number 1 in one of the boxes at the bottom of your post-it for the goal which would likely happen first, or the post-it that will make the other one more likely. Place a number 2 on the other post-it.

Now, move the number 5 post-it under goal number 3 and compare, placing a 1 in a box of the december16goal that would help lead to the other goal; which would get a 2.

Repeat this step by comparing number 5 to number 2, then to number 1. At this point, you should have four numbers filled in at the bottom of the number 5 post-it note, and one number on each of your other goals. Now set number 5 to one side.

Repeat the last steps for number 4, by first comparing it to number 3, and putting a 1 on the goal that is most likely to facilitate the other goal, and a 2 on the other. Next, compare the post-it notes to number 2 and number 1. Set number 4 aside.

Compare number 3 to number 2; then to number 1. Lastly, compare number 1 and number 2 to fill in your last numbers at the bottom.

At this point – you will have four numbers at the bottom of each card, all either 1 or 2.

Add the total of these four numbers, and put this number in the last box. Circle it

Now, compare the totals circled on your goals. The lowest numbered goal will put you in a better position to accomplish the other goals. Re-rank your goals by numbering them 1-5 in the upper left hand box, with number 1 being the goal with the lowest circled number, and the number 5 being the goal with the highest circled number.

Take Aim! at your number one goal for maximum impact in 2016!


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