More Good News to Share With Your Team

Updated Monday, January 25, 2021

Here is more good news to kick off your week and share with your team.

1.  Over 18 million vaccinated in the US!  Vaccinations are underway, and though it’s not a seamless process, progress is being made. At least 18.5 million people have received one or both doses of the vaccine in the US, and at least one million people have been vaccinated almost every day of the past week. In Florida, we’re tracking at 6.4% who have received at least one dose ahead of the national average of 5.6%. And Johnson & Johnson has sufficient data to begin analysis soon, says Dr Anthony Fauci, so the first one-dose vaccine could receive Emergency Use Authorization in as little as two weeks.  Though continued use of masks and social distancing are critical to get us through the upcoming months, case counts appear to be decreasing after the scary holiday spikes.

2.  One Word for 2021. Instead of new year’s resolutions, choose a One Word for clarity. Based on the book by Jon Gordon, selecting a word that impacts all dimensions of your life, personally and professionally, can help guide your focus for the year. The Launch That leadership team members each shared theirs in a planning session last Friday, and their choices included Intentional, Connect, Strengthen and Empower. Mine is Essential, and represents my quest for mindfulness, a need to rid my home of too much stuff, and a focus on careful selection of how I spend my time, especially once more options open up post-Covid. Join the One Word Challenge with free access here.  Or learn more at

3.  Dogs that stand the test of time. Canines are a never-ending source of good news, and here are two stories from last week to prove it. The first was the release of a never-before publicly viewed painting by Edouard Manet (pictured below), which will be up for sale at a Paris auction next month (and is expected to fetch over $300,000). The French modernist dashed off the work in 1879 as a present to the daughter of a client, and the work has stayed in the family until now.  And finally, there was Boncuk, who captured hearts around the world as the devoted dog spent days outside a Turkish hospital waiting.  Seems her owner had been taken to the hospital via ambulance, and for six-days, Boncuk kept a vigil, never going inside the hospital, but waiting for the happy reunion which happened six days later. Watch the short, heart-warming video for your Monday morning smile.

While vaccines ramp up, focus on what you can control by selecting your One Word and looking for the positives each day. Have a fantastic week!