The 25 Best Icebreaker Questions for Team-Building at Work

Engage your teams, newly created and legacy, with redesigned icebreaker questions from Claire Lew of Know Your Company.

TeamStrength’s top five:

#4: If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

With this question, you’ll learn how your coworkers want to grow or what they aspire to do.

#8: Been pleasantly surprised by anything lately?

This is especially a great question to ask a group who might know each other a little better already.

#12: What’s your favorite family tradition?

With this question, you get an inside look into the things that bring your coworker’s family together.

#17: What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

Responses to this are varied and fun.

#19: What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

Here you’re really asking what wisdom they personally find most valuable.

Recommendations from Susan: Optimize your meetings by sending out an icebreaker question with the agenda or meeting invitation. You’ll get better answers and give people something fun to think about in advance. Consider publishing the list and letting a team member select the next question at the end of each meeting. They can use the list or come up with one of their own.

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