Five-Year Personal Goals Worksheet

Steps to developing a five-year plan.


1. Review your personal mission and core values. If you don’t have a personal mission statement, consider drafting one. Do a Core Values Exercise – choose 10 values, then narrow to your 5 core values.

2. Do a personal SWOT. Strengths and Weaknesses are internal in your life – your personal traits or current relationships, career and health. Opportunities and Threats are external.  You can use this Personal SWOT Worksheet.

3. Review the Goal Designing Categories – Personal to further determine your current areas of focus in your personal life for the next five years.  Personal Goal Designing Categories

4. Review your personal history and where you are now. Answer these questions:

– What do I love most about my life (top three to five things)?
– What have been my biggest accomplishments? What has generated the most success, positivity and momentum for me personally?
– What have been the most challenging times?
– What are the best decisions I’ve made?
– What are the decisions I came to regret most in hindsight?
– How do I best use my strengths in my career and relationships?
– How is my overall health and fitness (health metrics)?
– How is my current financial position (debt, savings, provisions for retirement)?
– How am I doing with faith and mindfulness?

5. Come up with your top 3 personal five-year goals!