How to Run Effective Meetings at your Company

From Lucid Meetings; August 18, 2017

Meetings are the most powerful tool – but also the most neglected, underdeveloped, and misapplied tool – we can use to create a healthy business.

Good meetings can generate new ideas, strategic thinking, and actionable steps for goals. However, bad meetings can stall productivity, discourage collaboration, and inform in endless cycles. At TeamStrength we advocate for consistent meetings at a variety of levels. Now, successfully implement this structure with this in-depth article from Lucid Meetings. This article provides a great groundwork of templates for recommended meetings to initiate or improve meetings in your organization. Share this with your managers to generate a culture of successful meetings throughout the levels or your organization.

The article includes purpose driven meetings with operational and strategic focus, with easy to follow agendas that provide a great base for building action plans for what your meetings look like at your company. The templates include:

  • The Daily Huddle
  • The Weekly Leadership Team Meeting
  • The Quarterly Strategic Meeting
  • The Monthly & Anytime Decision Making Meeting